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Gold Color Flower Art Cloisonne Round Beads 10mm/12mm For Jewelry Making Item No# 0065
Gold Color Flower Art Cloisonne Round Beads 10mm/12mm For Jewelry Making Item No# 0065

10mm, 38 PCs/Strand
12mm, 31 PCs/Strand


The word cloisonne is French in origin. Roughly translated, the word means compartmentalized. This is what cloisonne looks like. Colors of glass or enamel segmented from one another by strips of metal.


To make cloisonne, artisans start with a base of metal. To this, they solder delicate metal strips into raised patterns. The channels in between these strips are filled with a glass or enamel paste. The piece is then fired, causing the paste to melt and form glass or enamel. The surface is then polished and glided for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


Researchers think that the first cloisonne originated in Egypt prior to 1800 B.C. There artisans inlaid gold with precious gems to achieve a mosaic effect. Eventually the gems were replaced with less expensive pieces of glass and stone that produced a gem-like appearance. from there it was discovered that glass paste could be applied directly to a surface.


The process of creating cloisonne was carried east along trade routes into China, Russia and Japan. There, cloisonne as we know it today was perfected. In China, the use of cloisonne was popularized in the Ming dynasty for use in vases and other decoration. Because of the flamboyant nature of the finished pieces, cloisonne was considered to be suitable for decorating temples, palaces and places inhabited chiefly by women.


As cloisonne was popularized in the far east, the techniques to make it spread into Western Europe along the Silk Road trade routes through the Byzantine Empire and into Italy. From there the technique arrived in France, where the ease of creating cloisonne made it a perfect replacement for jewels in decorative objects. Today many examples exist of period French clocks, walking sticks and jewelry, all decorated with cloisonne.

Cloisonne Today

Today the art of cloisonne continues to be practiced widely. Cloisonne beads and larger pieces of jewelry are available in many hobby stores and jewelry stores. Many pieces are sold as examples of Chinese crafts.

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Gold Color Flower Art Cloisonne Round Beads 10mm/12mm For Jewelry Making Item No# 0065

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